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We are a professional organization that answers the call.

We get you.  discover how commsnoire was designed how to help you make the ultimate social impact.

The Community

Why We’re Here

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You need creative environments-not limiting gray walls.

Comms Noire pros are health communications and social marketing professionals who have a passion for creating high-impact messages. We know that the campaigns we develop have the potential to improve lives and shape culture for the better. Comms Noire provides members with inspiring environments for thinking outside of the box and influencing change.

You should be empowered to use your own voice to advocate for our own community.

Comms Noire pros are communications experts with extremely valuable culture adds. We are educated in population health and critical social issues, but also come to the table as native members of our country’s diversity of ethnic communities. While our cultural fluency often goes underutilized in the workplace, we know how to speak to our own people. Comms Noire provides members with the leadership training, mentorship and project consultation they need to strengthen their own voices.

You need to be among like-minded professionals who believe in doing this together.

Comms Noire pros often work as the only communications professional in their respective offices, managing tasks across disciplines (event planning, media-relations, copy writing, web design and strategic planning). They work in silos without the benefit of creative, collaborative teams. Comms Noire connects you with a community of change-making communicators who believe in building together and supporting one another.

Our Story

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Meet the First Founders

Skyy Banks

Her Initiative

LaTroya Hester

The Center for Black Health & Equity Media Woke

Belinda Gaston

Gaston Consulting Group

Founding Members

Saddie Thompson

Fareinheit Creative Group

Sonja Stanley

Moxie Publis Group

Jasmine Ward

Black Ladies in Public Health

Loren Saxton Coleman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Department of Communication, Culture, & Media Studies
Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Jordan Sarver

Senior Digital Media Manager​

American Hospital Association

Everett Long, Ph.D.

Director of Health Marketing Strategy at Brunet-GarciaConsultant to Center for Disease Control and U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services


Impacting Our Culture for good

about Us

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