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Comms Noire is a community of Black health communications and social marketing professionals dedicated to creating messages that impact culture for good.

Comms Noire inspires level-raising creativity which is essential for
developing some of our society’s mostimportant public service campaigns and messages.

The organization’s signature event, Tones, creates opportunities for connection, resource exchange, and leadership development.




Join Us!

Comms Noire is a membership organization that provides connection, leadership development and resource exchange for Black creatives and communicators working in social marketing and health promotion. Like you, we are responsible for developing some of our society’s most important public service campaigns and messages. Yet, we often execute on this charge without the backing of big dollars, a fully staffed team, or a creative environment.

Comms Noire exists to fill these gaps by providing a network for idea-sharing and technical assistance. Plus, we equip members with coaching and opportunities to serve  on portfolio-building projects that will help them elevate their career potential. Not only this, our in-person events inspire level-raising creativity so that all of our campaigns reach further and make more change.

​And, yes. We believe in a ‘for us by us’ approach. So whether you’re working in public health, consulting at an ad agency, or freelancing for lives that matter, we want to help strengthen your voice for the moment you take your seat at that table.

The work we do improves lives and impacts our community for the better. Let’s do it together.

Your membership’s got real benefits.

Creative assets database

Access to member-driven database of unlicensed creative assets (includes images, audio files and print-ready graphics).

portfolio building

Access to the portfolio building open project site that allows you to contribute to the development or execution of a variety of campaigns nationwide.

Free Registrations

Free registration to our signature Tones event each year.

free headshots

Free professional headshots (offered on site at our signature Tones event)​.


Impacting Our Culture For Good

about Us

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